Awesome Javascript Code Implementation

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# 😚 Welcome

Welcome to the Awesome Javascript Code Implementation.


Document Link:

# 🎮 TL;DR

⌨️ To be Continue...

# ✍ Why am I doing this?

  • Learn Typescript, Jest etc.
  • Learning something about the javascript code implementation.

# 💻 Plans

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# 🔨 Usage


生成 code 模板

npm run template

生成 docs 模板

npm run docs

同时生成 code docs模板

npm run template-docs


# 🤝 Contributing


We welcome all contributions. You can submit any ideas as pull requests (opens new window) or as a GitHub issue (opens new window).

# 📰 References

# 👨‍🏭 Author

Front-End development engineer, technology stack: React + Typescript + Mobx, also used Vue + Vuex for a while

# 📝 License

MIT (opens new window)

Copyright © 2019-present Rain120 (opens new window).

# ☕ Coffee or Tea